• Surf with Fearless Anonymity
• Defeat Gov’t & Advertiser Snooping
• Thwart Viruses, Malware and Keyloggers
• Online security anywhere
• Bank or browse securely virtually anywhere you go
• Works on most modern PCs
Vanish with ICLOAK®
Plug ICLOAK® Stik into a USB port on any Mac or PC and restart your computer. ICLOAK® takes over your machine running a secure and isolated operating system resistant to bad software which you might not even know exists on your machine! Hidden keystroke loggers, camera spying, and backdoors won’t work! Now you can work or surf online knowing you are safe. When you restart your computer again, ICLOAK® vanishes and leaves no trace it was ever there.
ICLOAK® creates a revolutionary way to take privacy into your own hands Ben Swann
ICLOAK® Stik, a plug and play device that’s being designed to make robust online privacy accessible to the many not the few TechCrunch
This new little device gives even the tech illiterate the ability to surf the Internet without worrying whether spies are tracking or criminals are hacking The Blaze

Achieve On-The-Go Protection & Anonymity

Keep your sensitive documents protected
Browse securely on WiFi Hotspots or unsecured networks
Enter blocked websites
Become anonymous when using Bitcoins or browsing the TOR Network
Receive auto-updates with new features and security improvements
System Requirements: 64Bit PC or Intel Based Mac 4GB RAM Minimum (4GB Recomended)
Browse Anonymously
with Ease
Plugin ICLOAK into your USB port and in seconds you have the power and freedom to browse without fear of being tracked
Defeat Govt & Commercial
Targeting & Profiling
Run ICLOAK to keep your employer, ad agencies and hackers from tracing or tracking you online
Block Viruses
and Malware
Do you have a virus? Don't know? It doesn't matter. Viruses and Malware can't run on ICLOAK.
Unblock Websites
and Content
Some websites hide or lock content and services based on your geographic location. Plugin ICLOAK to unlock location-based content
Secure OS
ICLOAK built it's own custom OS on Linux, so it’s robust, secure and fast.
Fast Boot Time

ICLOAK boots in seconds and shuts down in seconds.
Automatic Updates
ICLOAK Stik automatically and securely updates it's software to keep you safe from the latest threat vectors.

PRICE: $100.00

• Cloak Your online Identity

• Stop Corp and Gov't Spying

• Unblock Websites

• Productivity Tools

• Word & Excel compatible

• Password Management

100% RISK FREE Guarantee
Are you curious about ICLOAK but not sure if you can use it or if it works? We are so confident in what we have built, we offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. If you try it and decide for any reason you don't want to keep it, simply return it for a full refund.