Online Privacy: Tradeoffs and Trends

Now more than ever, we live in a world of data. Our personal information has become one of the hottest commodities of the Internet Age. Marketers fight for demographic data, purchase history data, personal interest data, and any data at all that might help them convince us to purchase their products. Social media platforms and search engines have made their fortune on selling our data to these marketers so they can target ads to our specific characteristics. On the one hand, this has sparked a massive online privacy movement that has pressured major Internet companies to create binding privacy policies … Continued

Three Potential Privacy Threats Posed By Wearable Tech

As new technology is introduced, it can improve people’s lives in ways they didn’t expect. However, this change does not come without risk. One of the risks of people using new tech is the possibility of having their privacy invaded and their anonymity lost. This can lead to very serious consequences for your safety and financial livelihood. New wearable technology has raised security concerns with industry watchers. Below are a few of the reasons why. 1. The Potential Sale of Your Information Health monitoring devices are a very common form of wearable technology. These devices can do things like record … Continued

How Data Breach Hacks are Affecting Cyber Security

Just about every month of the past year has brought news of a new data breach, leak, or hack at a major company. The most recent target was the U.S. federal government itself. These breaches are concerning for any company that relies on the Internet as a significant portal. Furthermore, the damage of such breaches can be extensive. The Ponemon Institute conducts an annual study analyzing data breaches. For 2015, the researchers found that the average cost of a breach is 3.8 million dollars, with an average cost per record of $154. Big Data One of the largest changes to … Continued

Three Critical Security Vulnerabilities of IPv6

IPv4’s 4.3 billion addresses are already losing the battle against the exploding amount of Internet-connected smart devices. Enter IPv6. The next generation Internet protocol has more than enough IP addresses to account for every single atom on our planet. So the logical action would be to move from the old IPv4 to the new IPv6 right? And it is already happening. The good news is that from Jan. 1 to today, we’ve seeing 26.5% growth in IPv6 usage. – CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince At this rate, we will retire IPv4 on May 10, 2148. But, is IPv6 really ready to … Continued

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

When privacy advocates discuss online privacy and security, the biggest issue at stake is usually data. Data is what is at risk. Personal data, corporate data, all sorts of data. When it comes to securing this data, there’s really no scarcity in the number and variety of tools available for adults to use to protect themselves online. Yes, I said adults because a majority of the privacy and security tools are built for adults. All the information flying around the Internet is developed and targeted at adults. So what about kids? According to a new poll by Netmums, here are … Continued

Is Our Approach to the Privacy Debate Wrong?

Privacy in the 1800s involved someone trespassing on your land and invading your private and physical space. This was the background when the farmers who wrote the original laws that serve as the foundation of America’s justice system conceived the notion of privacy. Fast forward to the 21ST Century and that notion of privacy becomes blurred to near oblivion as new technology reshapes and redefines what can even be defined as privacy. Of course there is still the original form of privacy, which no one’s debating. But then there’s the new breed of privacy, the one that has to do … Continued

Super Cookies: Following the Cookie Crumb Trail

Have you ever wondered what all these “Cookies” and “Super Cookies” were and what it was all about?  Have you wanted to know whether you should be worried about them?  Are you in danger from the Cookie Monster?  Would you like an objective explanation without all the hype?  If so, today is your lucky day!  Read on… Cookies have had a long and turbulent history ever since a programmer, Lou Montulli, working at Netscape, introduced them to web computing in June 1994. “Magic cookies”, the term from which the now ubiquitous term “cookies” is derived from, refers to a packet … Continued

Ugly Mail Reveals Email Tracking

It’s fairly common nowadays for companies and advertisers to use email tracking in order to gain useful information about clients. This is usually done by adding small pixels or images so they are able to see when an email is opened by the recipient. Once opened, advertisers and companies can receive information such as, IP address, location, device, etc. Ugly Mail is a new extension on Google Chrome that allows individuals to see who exactly is tracking them. Currently only supported on Gmail, Ugly Mail doesn’t store, save, or transmit any data from your Gmail account. Once installed, the code identifies … Continued

ICLOAK® Stik Finished Shipping!

We started shipping out the official ICLOAK® Stiks last week, and we are happy to announce that all the ICLOAK Stiks are now in the mail.  Due to production issues (hardware failures) we didn’t get out as many as we wanted to, but now we are in full swing!  Our engineers worked all weekend to make sure our new process for loading software and testing and verifying each and every ICLOAK Stik was working well. Here are a couple of our hard working peeps folding Quick Start Guides and affixing ICLOAK Stiks to them and packaging them in the new … Continued