Super Cookies: Following the Cookie Crumb Trail

Have you ever wondered what all these “Cookies” and “Super Cookies” were and what it was all about?  Have you wanted to know whether you should be worried about them?  Are you in danger from the Cookie Monster?  Would you like an objective explanation without all the hype?  If so, today is your lucky day!  Read on… Cookies have had a long and turbulent history ever since a programmer, Lou Montulli, working at Netscape, introduced them to web computing in June 1994. “Magic cookies”, the term from which the now ubiquitous term “cookies” is derived from, refers to a packet … Continued

Ugly Mail Reveals Email Tracking

It’s fairly common nowadays for companies and advertisers to use email tracking in order to gain useful information about clients. This is usually done by adding small pixels or images so they are able to see when an email is opened by the recipient. Once opened, advertisers and companies can receive information such as, IP address, location, device, etc. Ugly Mail is a new extension on Google Chrome that allows individuals to see who exactly is tracking them. Currently only supported on Gmail, Ugly Mail doesn’t store, save, or transmit any data from your Gmail account. Once installed, the code identifies … Continued

ICLOAK® Stik Finished Shipping!

We started shipping out the official ICLOAK® Stiks last week, and we are happy to announce that all the ICLOAK Stiks are now in the mail.  Due to production issues (hardware failures) we didn’t get out as many as we wanted to, but now we are in full swing!  Our engineers worked all weekend to make sure our new process for loading software and testing and verifying each and every ICLOAK Stik was working well. Here are a couple of our hard working peeps folding Quick Start Guides and affixing ICLOAK Stiks to them and packaging them in the new … Continued

Facebook Employees Can Access Your Account Without a Password

    Facebook employees are now able to access you account without entering your credentials. After disgruntled complaints about user profiles being accessed without their permission, Facebook released this statement: “Designated employees may only access the amount of information that’s necessary to carry out their job responsibilities, such as responding to bug reports or account support inquiries,” Facebook goes on to say, “We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse, and improper behavior results in termination.“ Confirming that the company has a customer service tool that can grant Facebook employees access to a user’s account.   Read More: The Hacker News, February 27, 2015

So What’s the Real Privacy Difference Between Google Fiber and AT&T’s Gigapower?

In a word: nothing. If we were to squeeze out any difference it would be this: one party is doing one hell of a good job of making it look very philanthropic (Google) and the other party is making a real ass of themselves (AT&T). But, not to be unfair, let’s review. Google launched their ultra fast Internet dubbed Google Fiber in Kansas City, Kansas to a lot of media hype with the belief that Google was in fact bringing something so crucial to the masses, that it’s about to be baptized a utility by the FCC. The roll out of … Continued

Tor, The Privacy Tool Russia Wants To Ban

                            Russia makes attempts to ban VPN and Tor, due to their capability of providing access to blocked or banned websites. On February 5, Leonid Levin, Chairman of the    Duma Committee on Information Policy, proposed blocking these web anonymizers, including the most popular program, called Tor. Tor stands for “The Onion Router”, an encryption software that uses a network of servers to disguise your identity. Developed as a military project, it allows people to browse the internet anonymously and remain private. It’s popular mostly with privacy … Continued

Six Easy Ways to Secure Your iPhone from Hackers

Thanks to smartphones, it’s now become easier than ever for individuals to access their bank information, emails, social media and photos, all on one handheld device. However, due to flaws in Apple’s operating system, hackers have found ways through the back door into your private data. This has left iPhone users susceptible to identity theft and thus prompted Apple to fix these issues. That’s why the company released the new iOS 8.1.3 software update, which corrected coding errors and beefed up security. According to a CNBC survey, ½ of American households own at least one Apple product. So it’s not … Continued

This Video Game About Hacking Has Some Terrifying Truth To It

Video games tend to borrow cues from real life and then add a fantasy effect hence the term fantasy games. But sometimes the game borrows from a very chilling reality that gets you thinking about the terrifying future we are walking into and what that means for us as individuals. We picked this video up on YouTube and the publisher, The Game Theorist, does a great job of taking you through the game. The game, called Watch_Dogs, is about real world hacking and the potential it has to wreck havoc on everyone. Here’s what the video publisher has to say … Continued

Is Online Privacy a Pro or a Con?

Online privacy is a big concern here at ICLOAK. It’s the core of our image and belief that online privacy is a right that everyone deserves to have. But online privacy is a dying breed, and it seems like the longer time goes on, the more “private” becomes “public”. But is the loss of online privacy just the price we pay for ease and convenience? Think about it. If you were to go to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, do you type in your password every single time? I’ll assume not. I’ll assume that, like most people, you have the … Continued